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PJ is a member of 667 Dark Avenue, and isn't quite an "old" member, nor is he a "new" member. He is relatively popular.

Teh Peej and Dave (as drawn by Annelise)

[edit] General Information:

PJ is 16 years old, and lives in Sydney, Australia. His hobbies include: reading, writing, fencing, skiing, pwning n00bs and visiting 667.

He is usually described as an intelligent, curly-haired young man, whose defining personality characteristics include arrogance, proudness and lazyness. He is slow to anger, logical. He possesses impeccable morality (the owner wants it back), never tells lies, and winged fairies fly about his head singing his praises every morning.

[edit] Family:

His family tree is rather twisted, as he, Derik, Betsy and Beatrix are all, apparently, the same person. Therefore, PJ's family includes any family members that Derik, Betsy and Beatrix already have.

PJ was part of the Great Wedding Orgy of '05, and therefore is e-married to:

Josh, BSam, Annelise, Derik, Betsy, Beatrix, Euro and Phoenix, as well as all the spouses Derik, Beatrix and Betsy already have.

His mothers are Kimia and Annelise, and his sister is also Annelise. Linda Rhaldeen is his fraternal twin, wife of Luis making him PJ's brother-in-law.

[edit] Some Random Facts:

-PJ has written many stories, both 667 ones and non-667 ones.

-PJ has also contributed quite a bit to the Ravaged Resources Section, having written more theories than any other single member.

-PJ was the first to hold the "Longest non-story post Evar" award, but it was quickly snatched away from him.

-PJ has died three times, once, during an MSN conversation (in which he, Derik, Betsy and Beatrix discovered that they were the same person). His second death occured in "Amber's WacKY 667 Story" in which he was stabbed to death by Char, but later returned as a zombie. His final death occured in the story "PJ's Trial", by Dante, in which PJ was sentenced to burn at the stake.

-As PJ has two biological mothers (Kimia and Annelise), one of the three deaths is cancelled out, so he has only, technically, died twice. This means he is a Re-Zombie.

-PJ also has a strange relationship with the sentient omnipotent lightsaber spoon, Dave, and is his Wielder and High Priest. This has led to conflicts in the past with unbelievers, as well as followers of Dave's evil brother, Jessie.

-PJ also has a daemon, although he is rarely mentioned. This daemon is in the form of a sloth (usually wearing a cape, and often sporting a lightsaber) called Gerald. He sleeps a lot.

-PJ has been involved in several competitions in the past, including 667 Big Brother 2, 667 Big Brother 3 (he came second) and 667 Factor 2 (he came fourth). He once won the Member of the Month award, and was one of the Four Personalities of The Best of the Best, a gag account.

-PJ has been a temporary moderator of the Burdensome Books section, and currently possesses the rank of Detriment Deleter.

-He has one strike (received for participating in the Great Wedding Orgy of '05, by Trish) and one warning (received for talking off-topic with Dante, by Swans)

-PJ's official nemesis' are James and BSam.

-PJ is a collumnist of the popular online newspaper, The 667er. He started the Rant, then had a go in the Interview, and currently has no weekly article.

-Although PJ dislikes most n00bs, and a collection of other members, he only truly hates one person: Mr. Poe.

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